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Grease the Place

The musical quantity Summer Lovin' then starts, using boys hearing Danny boast about his supposed
sexual antics, therefore the women hearing Sandy's innocent version of equivalent romance. These views had been
also shot at Venice highschool. The boys had been in the bleachers behind the school, next to the
monitor & area (utilizing the digital camera looking north) - you can view the back of the school in it. The
girls were additionally behind the school, but closer to the main building (aided by the camera additionally facing north).

(Incidentally, there are bleachers there now, into the identical position.)

The cafeteria/dining location, seen below (with the girls dance), is situated only
northwest of this bleachers. It offers had a roof added, so it seems instead various these days.

When Danny treats Sandy aloofly to wow his friends, she actually is heartbroken, and goes to a slumber celebration at
Frenchy's home to recover. While Sandy is getting the woman ears pierced within the restroom, Rizzo makes fun of the lady,
performing "Glance at me personally, i am Sandra Dee". Later on, the boys appear outside of the home into the automobile, and Rizzo
climbs along the drainpipe to participate all of them. At the same time Sandy sings "Hopelessly dedicated" in backyard.

This slumber celebration residence is obviously situated at 4524 Kingswell Ave., in east Hollywood (simply south of
the Los Feliz district), a block . 5 east of Vermont Avenue, and one street north of Prospect Ave.
You will find the home from the south-side of Kingswell. (When the men arrive, they are driving eastern.)

[ Warning: this might be a personal home. Do not trespass on their property,
knock-on their particular door, or do just about anything else that may disturb the residents. ]

( we shot the photo below in 2007. The home hasn't changed a lot in 30 years. )

Within the drive-in motion picture scene, Danny gets fresh with Sandy (prompting her to leave), then Danny sings
the track Sandy (while cartoon hot dogs dance on the motion picture display screen behind him).

These moments had been shot at a real drive-in movie. It had been the old Pickwick Drive-In, found at
1100 W. Alameda Ave (at Sheldon Street), in Burbank. (perhaps not at Studio Drive-In in Culver City.)

Alas, most of Southern California's drive-ins have disappeared, which one is no exemption.
The Pickwick Drive-In closed-in 1989 and ended up being torn-down. In its place, here now stands a
typical suburban mall, with a Staples store and a Pavilion's supermarket.

It's Interesting
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    The first anti-tank grenades were improvised devices. The Germans were the first during World War One to come up with an improvised anti-tank grenade, taking their stick ("potato masher") grenade and taping two to three more of the explosive heads without...
  • Cassie and Rex dress up as serial killers for Halloween, while Belle and Shawn play Danny and Sandy from Grease. Larry takes Zack trick-or-treating in Salem Place.
  • Cassie and Rex dress up as serial killers for Halloween, while Belle and Shawn play Danny and Sandy from Grease. Larry takes Zack trick-or-treating in Salem Place.
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