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Charlotte Simone

British oriented designer Charlotte Beecham founded Charlotte Simone in 2011. The woman enthusiasm for accessories sprung to life in Paris where she invested the woman freshman year of college.

Prompted because of the effortless style of Parisian women and their capability to create an outfit around a single accessory, Charlotte sought to reinvent the everyday scarf. An accessory still left untapped! Alert to this space on the market, Charlotte created the initial 'fur hood', a genuine design from in-house that has been the woman trademark piece. The fur bonnet could be the ultimate winter season accessory, fashioned by marrying the scarf and hood, this has become Charlotte.Simone's trademark scarf.

Graduating from New York University in 2011, Charlotte established her 1st range straight out of college.

Charlotte Simone is designed to develop a variety of new shapes and designs with an ultimate consider ‘reinventing the scarf’. The end result is a multi practical collection comprised of fur, knits and woven textiles.

Take note that all fur is ethically sourced and Origin guaranteed. Furthermore, all styles on site can be found in faux fur.

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Apparel (Charlotte Simone)
  • 100% acrylic
  • Tapered shape
  • Silk backing
  • Dry clean only
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