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The former Smithfield Pottery

Smithfield Pottery

Robert Sherwin Ltd - brush producer in the Smithfield Functions
picture 1979 - 'Images of The Potteries'

when you look at the background - Unity House then City Civic workplaces

Robert Sherwin Ltd had been a brush maker on Lower Mollart Street, Hanley, who had been operating for 50 many years when this picture had been taken in 1979. The company finally sealed down at the beginning of 1984.

The container kiln behind belongs from what ended up being originally the Smithfield ceramic factory whoever entrance was at Hinde Street. It had been so-named after the Smithfield Cattle marketplace nearby and ended up being built in 1880 on land possessed by rope manufacturer, Thomas Hinde.

It was an excellent example of a small self-contained late-19th century decorating works, filled with hovel and muffle kiln, along with already been incorporated into an approval area compulsory acquisition order because of the City Council in 1977.

By 1982, all surrounding homes had been demolished. But as a result of representations toward council because of its conservation. The kiln ended up being conserved and bought by them in 1984. The Hanley east by-pass or ring-road passes very closely by it.

It is now a level II listed building and is the only person associated with the plain-topped 'short necked' type of jar oven having survived inside Potteries.

After ideal conversion it had been Donovan's Wine club for a short while, becoming Chimneys Restaurant in 1993. In the summer of 1999 the building was obtainable.

the product range and kiln were restored and established as 'Chimneys Restaurant'
then developed into a restaurant and Jazz Club

the former Smithfield Pottery & Bottle Oven in April 2005

Smithfield Pottery, Hanley a level II* detailed creating today situated regarding Potteries Method (band road around Hanley).

Previous Smithfield pottery, Hanley in August 2010
Now offices with a well preserved bottle oven.

1898 chart showing the Smithfield pottery works in blue
The Smithfield general public house is shown in purple
therefore the Smithfield cattle market shown in red

equivalent location on Google maps - 2011
the structures associated with the Smithfield pottery works and Smithfield pub have survived
the cattle marketplace exposed in 1869 but was discontinued into the mid 1920's

It's Interesting
  • The Deffenbaugh Site is an archaeological site in southwestern Fayette County, Pennsylvania, United States. Located in Nicholson Township west of the borough of Smithfield, it was once occupied by a village of the Monongahela people.
    The Deffenbaugh Site occupies a saddle between two low hills; its elevation is approximately 1,140 feet (350 m)...
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