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Jay and JayWaking Life Espresso, a West Asheville staple for over 5 years, has come under fire by locals. Proprietors Jared Rutledge and Jacob Owens, being collaborating online to make a blog and podcast alongside a-twitter account about their sexual conquests. “Putting the nice D in tender V since 2013” may be the name of the on line narrative, and includes charming entries such as this:

Their particular login name on the web, Holistic Game, has been pretty active in the Twitterverse, and included content similar to this:

This information originally appeared on Twitter later yesterday, and because then, the web site and Twitter account have now been taken. Luckily, cyberspace is permanently and we also can offer archived content of Holistic Game men. Click the link for Twitter, and .

Today dear visitors, you may well be wondering how we might realize that the Holistic Game men tend to be undoubtedly Rutledge and Owens? A podcast underneath the exact same name, with 21 complete sound attacks posted on the web, offered both through their particular WordPress blog, Amazon, and iTunes. Through an unnamed supply, we've a copy of this podcast for you to tune in to below.

Holistic Men Podcast Episode 4

Holistic Men Podcast Episode 3

Do the voices sound familiar? Have a look at this Youtube video clip, starting 38 seconds in, in which Rutledge talks to an area videographer Andre Mileti about Asheville coffee:

Furthermore, we have an image published by the HolisticGame Twitter account, with a profile picture featuring Rutledge.

Once I was in ninth grade, we viewed pornography to my Christian college laboratory computers. I got suspended for a week, and walking into chapel the following Wednesday had been hellaciously shaming. It believed white hot. To know that everyone because gym was let down and disgusted in me personally had been almost unbearable. But I’d introduced it on myself, and there was nothing because of it. That’s the way in which i'm today.

I know I’ve stated and published lots of things which can be unpleasant. Almost all of my life I’ve struggled with insecurities around online dating. We felt like, before couple many years, that I’d finally gotten a handle about this and experienced even more success. Thus I made a-twitter, weblog, and got Jacob to podcast with me. We performedn’t always say great things, and often we were downright mean. Often i simply vented about aggravating experiences in an immature, hateful, and foolish means. It had been in particular a breach of trust to create intimate factual statements about fans. I was naive enough to believe it’d remain anonymous, and I ended up being incorrect.

So here we have been. We grew up in West Asheville but disappointed and brought shame into the community that lifted myself, and there’s not something i will do in order to succeed appropriate. There are no excuses become made. Just how I’ve phrased and framed my personal conduct in a sad and tawdry public means is humiliating. There’s absolutely nothing to do but ask your forgiveness for harm I’ve caused. I’m sorry people.

Jacob and I also tend to be both open to sitting down and conversing with anyone who may have issues to handle one-on-one.

I would like to completely admit as to the i've done. I'd in addition like to receive the pity and required consequences for my activities. I am not hiding nor do i do want to deflect. Most importantly, I would like to apologize and express my sorrow for exactly how these activities have impacted other individuals, and how their particular existence online continues to do this. People who I care for and worth, and even though my activities, today in the open, won't ensure they feel that way. I feel ill and disgusted with myself whenever I think of what I did.

Very first to describe my component. Jared and I did an anonymous podcast on picking right on up women where we crassly discussed my personal experiences with women. I wish to be clear that I didn't author some of the articles regarding the web log or twitter. But just as worse, I knew they existed. I didn't keep up with them, or fully know very well what ended up being on it. But by understanding that it absolutely was taking place, and knowing that I was connected but i will be complicit. We totally accept that shame besides.

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