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Brown Contact Lenses For Blue Eyes

Wearing contact lenses is a very common practice nowadays. It is almost like wearing makeup. You can choose the color of contacts based on your outfit, occasion, skin tone,undertone and hair color.

Colored contact lenses can almost be seen as beauty products as they are very easy to put on and take off. In addition, they offer no vision correction and are therefore used only to alter the color of your eyes.

Brown contact lenses for blue eyes are probably the most natural-looking contacts in the market. They provide full coverage of the blue color based on the simple fact that blue is a lighter color. Generally, it is easier to hide a lighter color by a darker color.

If you are still unclear as to how this is possible, here is the gist. Contact lenses work through a series of very small colored dots printed on their surface, which cover up the natural color of the iris. Therefore brown contacts contain small brown dots on them. When placed over blue eyes these dots completely cover the blue part of the eye and do not allow it to peak through.

Such lenses are perfect for daily wear as they look utterly natural. In fact, most of the people in the world have brown eyes, which is why no one will doubt their authenticity.

Features of brown contacts for blue eyes

Brown contacts are versatile contact lenses that can add a warm texture and brightness to your overall appearance. They come in one, two or three tones.

One-tone brown contact lenses provide an even shade of brown distributed equally through the blue irises. Small hints of blue can create little simmers of color in broad sunlight, however, for the most part of the day, your eyes will reflect a warm shade of brown.

Two-tone contact lenses create an enhancement on blue eyes. They add a defined darker ring on the outer part of the iris which makes your eyes more prominent. The inner part of the iris can then be a light or dark shade of brown, depending on your choice of contact. Some popular colors in the brown category also include honey, hazel, and dark brown.

Three-tone contact lenses will also allow you to have a more defined iris through the three tones of brown they provide. In addition, they will add more texture and dimension to your eyes. They are perfect for a deeper and more profound look.

While blue eyes are quite playful, brown eyes can create a more sophisticated look, and maybe even more rigorous.

They are the perfect choice for those business meetings where you want to be taken seriously

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