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Morrisville Outlet Mall Morrisville NC

Classes for Epic@UNC Go-live #3 should be taught at four various locations:

Mastering Street

“Learning Street” is found at 1001 Airport Blvd, Morrisville, NC 27560 (formerly known as the Morrisville Outlet Mall). Discovering Street is situated on straight back side of the mall. Learning Street has actually 47 classrooms, ample parking, and a food judge.

Go-Live #3 courses for Johnston Health and tall aim Regional employees (except tall aim Regional physicians/providers) should be taught at training Street.

Guidelines to Training Street

  • From West (High aim): simply take I-40 East to exit 284A, change right onto Airport Blvd.
  • From the East (Johnston): Take I-40 West to exit 284, change left onto Airport Blvd.
  • From Airport Blvd., Mastering Street are on your own right - in back correct entrance associated with Morrisville Outlet Mall (from Airport Blvd.). Look for indications establishing the entry.

600 Eastowne Drive, Chapel Hill

As a result of the amount of courses being held at training Street, we have to set up some classes at our administrative company area at 600 Eastowne Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, positioned right off the 15/501 exit on Interstate 40.


  • From I-40 Eastbound (High Point): Simply Take Exit 270, 15/501. The traffic light shining at the end of the exit ramp is the intersection with 15/501 or Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard. Make a right turn as of this light. Make the right turn within next traffic light onto Eastowne Drive.
  • From I-40 Westbound (Johnston): Just Take Exit 270, 15/501. The traffic light at the end associated with the exit ramp is the intersection with 15/501 or Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard. Make a left turn only at that light. Make a right turn at the second traffic light onto Eastowne Drive.

Under is a map showing where you can park facing Eastowne Buildings 600 and 700. USUALLY DO NOT PARK IN 800 good deal. It really is outlined in RED. Please admire our 800 neighbors. If you park within the 800 lot, you will be towed. You should use the extra parking area behind 600 and walk-around the leading of 600 to access it areas.


Logistics for Eastowne

  • The Eastowne classrooms are available on 1st floor of this 600 building. You can't get to it labs through 600 building – you have to enter from the forward exterior of this building.
  • Your badge might not strive to gain entry on protected building, but some body must certanly be standing to let you into the facility. Kindly use your badge for identification purposes.
  • If someone just isn't here to allow you in, you can easily pick up the phone by the door and someone can enable you to in from another location.
  • There are two main classrooms in Eastowne – Classrooms 1 and 2. there's an indicator to direct you to definitely the most suitable class room.
  • There are treat machines by the instruction labs. There are many restaurants nearby being easily accessible during meal.
  • Parking is free; but kindly don't park in places reserve for building 800 (view chart above) since you may be towed.

High Aim Regional Training for Providers

NOTE: Most High Point non-provider education is happening at Learning Street or through a remote workout. Tall aim local provider-level education is taking place in 404 Westwood Building in Tall Point, that will be about 0.2 miles far from Tall Point local Hospital. From Tall Point Regional:

  • Turn right onto N Elm St
  • Use the 1st right onto W Westwood Ave
  • Destination are going to be on the left

Logistics for 404 Westwood

  • The building houses specific workplaces besides the instruction rooms.
  • Education spaces take the 3rd floor. Change left-off of this elevator, and left down the hallway. It space is the very first home in your left.
  • The outside doorways must certanly be unlocked or a trainer will satisfy you on door. Or even, phone the protection workplace quantity 336-878-2249, 24 hours a day.
  • Please put on your badge for recognition functions.
  • Parking is free; but you may want to park behind the building during the day.
  • There are vending devices in the lobby and the medical center cafeteria is in the after that building. You will find restaurants various blocks away besides.

Caldwell Training Location

Epic@UNC training at Caldwell is going to be held in one of two areas: 348 Harper Avenue SW, Lenoir, NC (either classroom A or B) or
Hospital IT Class, 321 Mulberry Street SW, Lenoir, NC

Logistics for 348 Harper Avenue

  • It is impossible to clock in using this center, and that means you must keep in touch with your manager regarding time invested therefore they might improve your time card.
  • If you're commuting to instruction from your own worksite, clock in as usual at your worksite and remain clocked in throughout your commute.
  • Discover some slack space where you are able to keep your meal or a snack. There are restaurants close-by.
  • Parking as of this facility is limited, but no-cost. You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to carpool whenever feasible since parking will refill rapidly.
  • When you do park within Harper Avenue area in the day, please park in the RIGHT-SIDE associated with the parking lot. There are other businesses perhaps not related to Caldwell training found in the building.

Logistics the Hospital IT Class:

  • There was ways to clock in only at that center, so follow your regular process.
  • The area is adjacent to the Hospital cafeteria, that ought to be obtainable for treats or meal.

ID Badges

We need that co-workers put on their ID badge all the time during Epic@UNC Training.

Clocking-in at Training Street

Telephone finance companies can be obtained in the each instruction place to clock-in following standard procedure made use of at each and every UNC Health Care place.

Unfavorable climate

If adverse climate threatens or cancels courses, we are going to communicate through the mail listed for you personally into the LMS (training Management program).

Private convenience, meals, beverages, and electronics

We wish one to feel safe whenever attending instruction. Make a note of here instructions when preparing to wait training.

  • Clothe themselves in layers to support private preference.
  • Food is certainly not allowed into the classrooms.
  • Covered beverage containers are permitted when you look at the classroom.
  • Break room space can be obtained if you'd like to bring meals for breaks or a meal.
  • Refrigerators, vending devices, and microwaves aren't available at discovering Street.
  • Meals are bought when you look at the Food legal at training Street.
  • A "mother's room" is available if you want to push - require guidelines on meeting place at Learning Street.
  • Switch all gadgets to ‘silent’ during class.

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