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Doug's Commentary

The Biltmore Square shopping mall has gone very much downhill because the 2006 commentaries in function. One after the other, the majority of the big-name stores have actually closed, and many of them sit vacant. Among the stores having now kept the shopping mall: FYE, Goody's, Waldenbooks, Hallmark, Sbarro, GameStop, and I'm certain there may be others that i will be forgetting about. Radio Shack nonetheless continues to be, but we will see for the length of time. Steve & Barry's sealed some time ago, and that web site happens to be occupied because of the Davis Furniture Mega-Store, a large furnishings outlet shop. There is also a Davis Clothing Outlet store positioned across from furniture store. Since the final update on this web site, perhaps the "Hospice Treasures" shop has actually shut, which will be really not an excellent sign.

Incredibly, there are 6 restaurants within the meals courtroom. Them appear to be in your area owned, not string restaurants, excluding Chick-Fil-A. There is certainly a Chinese spot which used is a Manchu Wok, and still seems like it really is, however the sign now says Beijing Wok.

Really the only anchor shop that survives is Belk, and last time I was here (January 2011), a large area of the shop have been closed down, therefore looked like there clearly was much less product on screen. Dillard's is still in the shopping mall, in name at the very least. The Dillard's shop is actually some sort of Dillard's approval shop high in racks of unorganized clothing.

The shopping center is really needs to come to be some thing very strange nowadays. Mixed in one of the few "big-name" stores are many locally-owned shops, also a gymnastics center, a karate center, and a location called "Asheville Raceway" which has had slot-car rushing & arcade games, and hosts birthday celebration parties and so on.

The film theater, which now serves supper although you view your movie, appears to still be doing well. The theater, the Dollar Tree shop, Davis Furniture, Belk, and food court appear to be the key hubs of task in shopping center now, but from looks of things, it does not seem like this shopping center is around a lot longer. Which a real pity, since it has long been in an area which less difficult to get at as compared to Asheville Mall.

Alpha's Commentary

Biltmore Square Mall was constructed in 1989, though i actually do not believe by Simon (though we cannot garuntee this.) It had been built south of Asheville and ended up being meant to compete with the much larger (nowadays, at least) Asheville Mall. My guess is it had been intended to be a moderately upscale location for those seeking to steer clear of the congestion of Asheville Mall. Certainly, versus Asheville Mall it really is easy, simple to reach, and stylish.

The Mall is a loose "(" form, curving enough to allow you to think it is a little larger than it's. There were 3 anchors- Dillard's on a single end, Belk in the middle next to of this center court, and Proffit's from the end. A food judge and "Goody's" are placed opposite of eachother halfway in-between the center and side anchors- all in all a straightforward design. The shopping mall should've been pretty successful.

When I initially went to Biltmore Square in 2004, it had been still had by Simon properties group. It nonetheless had its 3 significant and 1 small anchors, and seemed to be a reasonably successful "B" mall, though the slow speed of mall had been apparent. It had its share of bare storefronts, but wasn't in dire condition.

Ever since then, Belk obtained Proffit's and decided to go on to their particular shop. Belk sealed their particular initial area, leaving a gaping anchor tenant at the center. Simon marketed the shopping center to a holding organization, together with shopping center lost a couple of tenants.

Recently, the shopping mall ended up being bought by developers just who anticipate offering it an essential shot into the supply. Steve & Barry's college sportsware happens to be signed to change the old Belk's area, as well as the cinemas plans on rennovating. At this time, I would say about half associated with shopping mall is "alive, " and half the shopping center is "dead." Through the center court to Belk, the shopping mall is within serious condition. From center courtroom to Dillard's, you had nearly believe the shopping center had been keeping its mind above water- also a couple of chain stores continue to be.

Given that it is a fairly attractive (though dull) shopping center, exactly why is it failing?

Biltmore Square never seemingly have collected adequate momentum to make it a shopping location. There's a little strip next door, and next to it's an extremely decently size strip shopping mall, but it's no "Big package" destination (which unfortunately occured another exit down on I-26.)

Part of it is because the shopping mall is small and feels like it was constructed on the inexpensive. The shopping mall could probably hold about 60 shops in its prime. All the shopping mall is fairly bland and nondescript, though appealing. Except for the skylights inside food judge, there is nothing all-too-interesting architecturally, though i came across the stone sculptures to-be truly impressive (especially those in the Proffit's wing.)

As far as malls go, that one tries to proceed with the cookie cutter formula, but generally seems to get most of the tiny details wrong. Both side corridors (when you can even call all of them that) to go into the mall from the outside tend to be brief and sadly nondescript. The key corridor only generally seems to end at each and every anchor store without the kind of prominent cancellation. Where just about all one-story malls i have been in have some type of feature and also the end of a concourse (if absolutely nothing else, really prominent anchor signage), Biltmore Square's hallways just end. It's specially uncomfortable on Dillard's end as a result of mirrored signage (it feels as thought it sneaks on you), but if some one was not attending to i believe it'd be possible for all of them just to walk into the store accidentally (if entrance was not so very hard due to those display cases in the way.)

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