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Chapel Hill Shopping Center

Chapel Hill Shopping Center

Managers at Old Navy and Express both confirmed that their stores would near by the end of the thirty days, but had been informed to not ever disclose any more information.

A member of staff at Aeropostale verified a study that the store made plans in October to shut this month, but said workers weren't allowed to discuss the matter.

The increased loss of Old Navy, the greatest non-anchor tenant at shopping center, and Express pose a double blow toward shopping center, which had been dealing with a 2013 personal bankruptcy processing under brand-new administration along with committed to improved activity within the shopping mall.

Macy's established Wednesday so it would shut its shop at shopping center later in 2010, along with about 35 other individuals all over the country.

Cuyahoga Falls Councilman Jeff Iula stated he heard from a constituent who had previously been told that four shops is shutting.

"in Cuyahoga Falls, our company is obviously really concerned with the mall because only later on, which is element of our community, " Iula said. "How the shopping mall does reflects on united states."

Battles during the shopping mall, including lagging occupancy at shops and also at the mall's food court, have raised problems about the center's future.

Chapel Hill started in 1968 and grew to be the county's top grossing shopping mall in 1990s.

Safety problems at the shopping center, initially registered in the early 2000s by then-Cuyahoga Falls gran Don Robart, coincided with a renaissance at cross-town competing Summit Mall, which overtook Chapel Hill while the county's top-grossing shopping location by 2004.

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