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PhotoGift store centrally located inside Grant Grove Village.

Don’t forget the beauty of knowledge at Kings Canyon nationwide Park. Take a quick break from most of the majesty with an end at the Grant Grove present store. Located next to the give Grove Market (your stop for stocking up on meals or camping products), the Grant Grove present store features a range of souvenirs, keepsakes, apparel, and outdoor things for all budgets. Whether you intend to grab a gift for someone special or you’d like a piece of memorabilia on your own, you’ll find everything from logo tees and Native American-themed arts and crafts, to Sierra-inspired magnets and postcards, to locally produced goods. You may also take some nature house or apartment with you by buying a giant sequoia sapling!

Located in give Grove Village, just 3 kilometers from the Kings Canyon Big Stump entry, the Grant Grove Gift store is just throughout the parking area through the Kings Canyon Visitor Center alongside amenities. Stop in and state hello!

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