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South Park Mall Closings Time


Jerry Sheehan's Commentary:

Whenever Southern Park started in 1974 with 75 stores, it had been the biggest center between Dallas and Jackson, and Shreveport economic climate was booming. This will be oil country - most major players had regional headquarters located here, and oil wells had been every where. AT & T built a 7, 000 - worker factory; other makers included General Electric, General Motors, and lots of smaller production facilities. Despite Southern Park's poor area in an extremely undeveloped area down a back two-lane roadway (Jewella), the shopping center prospered.

I was a shop manager for Shepard & Myers, next-door to Selber's from 1978 to 1984 along with a forward line chair. Unfortunately, oil collapsed in the early 80's; and several of this manufacturers started outsourcing to Asia. The significant industrial facilities sealed, to re-open offshore or Mexico. The oil businesses closed their workplaces and wells, laying down thousands much more workers in Shreveport. The city replayed the fantastic anxiety associated with 1930's, filled with breads lines, fistfights by hopeless folks over jobs, plus the collapse of banks. Lots of people fled, walking far from their mortgages, looking to begin over an additional area of the nation.

Southern Park Mall no more had clients with discretionary earnings, additionally the stores closed 1 by 1 for insufficient business, and much of the retail and restaurant trade in the location. Since the ripples distribute towards the smaller organizations, they too laid workers down, growing the destruction.

It has been reported the gangsters killed the shopping center - this isn't true. Considering that the primary reasons for the shopping center to occur were the prosperous employees into the industrial facilities and oil industries; if they became unemployed, this set off a devastating ripple result within the regional economy. There have been lots and lots of bankruptcies annually - for over a decade! Maybe not until the casino operators started opening up regarding river in 1994 did the bleeding delay. But it had been too late for South Park Mall.

The people of Shreveport declined from 1980 to current times, aided by the exodus of employees. The town's economic climate is features stagnated for most of the past three decades.

My wife had been Southern Park's horticulturist within the 70's and very early 80's, and she said about one of the mall walkers: 'the crazy woman' skip Dorothy. One day Miss Dorothy emerged and told my partner that Jesus had sent this lady a Vision! Southern Park Mall would be a church for Jesus! Needless to say, we just laughed it off. But she ended up being right. Summertime Grove Baptist Church purchased the shopping center and turned into their new chapel! ( hmmmm.we question if she previously got any good stock choosing tips from Jesus...)

Scott Greer's Commentary:

This shopping mall had previously been the top shopping center in the market. It had a Dillard's, the greatest JC Penney in a 150 mile radius, and one of biggest Montgomery Ward shops around. Besides those had been junior anchors Stage (formerly Beall-Ladymon, bought by Stage in 1995 or so) and Selber Bros., a nearby string. Selber passed away in the 80's and had been replaced by Phar-Mor, which often closed-in early 90's and was replaced by Burlington Coat Factory. There is also a cinema and a Piccadilly Cafeteria in shopping center. Oddly, BCF and Stage will be the only remnants.

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