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"Cash for Gold" may be the second episode of the sixteenth period regarding the US animated television series, and 225th bout of the series overall. It originally aired on Comedy Central in the us on March 21, 2012. The event centers on Stan's irritation with J&G Shopping Network and tv home shopping sites in general, while he discovers that they prey upon seniors and fleece all of them of these money, including Cartman's brand-new entrepreneurship motivated by that exact same idea.

The event ended up being authored by series co-creator Trey Parker and it is ranked TV-MA L in the United States.

Stan Marsh's grandfather Marvin gives him a bejeweled bolo tie, saying that the Jewels & Gems (J&G) Shopping system, where he got it, claimed that its 14 carat silver and diamonds makes it really worth $6, 000. After Cartman teases him for using such a tacky and unfashionable product, Stan takes it to a Cash For Gold shop in which he is provided $15 because of it. Various other these types of merchants likewise provide him little or nothing for item, and Stan realizes that his grandfather is swindled. Stan reveals his buddies the J&G infomercials, in which half-senile senior citizens are conned into buying inexpensive jewellery for their loved ones. Stan tries to talk Marvin off purchasing him or their sister Shelly more pointless things, but Marvin is suffering from Alzheimer's disease disease and alternatively relates to Stan an oft-repeated anecdote of a Border Collie called Patches he when had, but laments that he cannot remember exactly what she appeared as if.

Stan begins a crusade to avoid the exploitation of this elderly in this way, and vows to trace down anyone who reaches the top the trade. At the same time, Cartman chooses to go into the infomercial company with Butters as his sidekick, and not only starts offering his classmates money for silver, he also creates their own television channel and mimics the tone and methods of Dean, the number on J&G. He visits a jewellery shop to restock, but he notices the women during the shop are using the identical mannerisms while he and Dean use, exposing they've been fraud musicians besides.

Cartman arrives at a factory in India where in fact the jewellery is created, intending to buy direct from their store, and locates Stan will be here also, moaning about what they actually do. In a montage, its revealed your business is a continuing cycle: the jewelry made at factory is shipped towards united states of america, in which con designers offer it to senior citizens, which let them have as gifts to relatives. The relatives sell the presents for cash, and they're after that smelted into natural gold and delivered back once again to the Asia factory to-be reforged into brand new jewellery. An employee on factory provides Stan a photo framework, that he takes. Stan gift suggestions Marvin with a framed picture of Marvin along with his dead dog spots within framework, and Marvin, perhaps not recalling providing Stan the bolo, informs him it really is "gay, " and Stan guarantees not to ever use it anymore.

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