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do you know the three important factors, if any, restraining your hiring programs?

Atlanta Fed study Highlights local Employment Plans for 2014

Considering the fact that the Federal Reserve’s double mandate demands maximizing employment, it mustn’t surprise anyone that we constantly ask ourselves questions about work market conditions. But we also ask our contacts. For third year consecutively, we reached off to our Regional financial Information system and asked equivalent questions regarding their particular work plans for the year. The study ended up being conducted during January 6–10 and triggered 554 reactions. The test represented a wide variety of company kinds and sizes, and now we need talk about the outcomes right here.

Initial question just requested: would you anticipate your firm to improve work, keep employment unchanged, or decrease work in 2014? A complete of 46 per cent of participants stated they in the pipeline to increase work amounts, just like outcomes through the earlier two years. Another 44 % indicated they in the pipeline to leave employment levels unchanged, a small increase from last year and almost exactly the same as couple of years ago. The remaining 10 percent of individuals planned to reduce payrolls, down from 13 percent in January 2013 and nearly just like reported in 2012 (look at chart).

Do you expect your company to increase work, leave employment unchanged, or decrease work on the next twelve months?

Looking only a little deeper by singling out the 46 per cent of businesses that indicated that they planned to boost employment, we then asked contacts to select the most crucial aspects operating their particular decision. Individuals had been instructed to rank the 3 factors trying from 1 (important) to 3 (third primary). The outcomes mainly mirrored our findings from earlier years (begin to see the chart).

A big part cited high expectations for product sales development as the utmost essential explanation. The 2nd most often mentioned explanation had been the firm’s requirement for skills not possessed by existing staff. The third explanation had been your firm’s existing staff ended up being overworked. However, in considering totals across positions, another frequently reported concern was improvement into the firm’s financial position.

On the bright side, we requested all participants to rank (in much the same since the past concern) the three main facets restraining hiring activity. Interestingly, in all three groups (initially, second, and third primary), many selected exactly the same element: maintaining running costs low. Various other regularly selected reasons were concerns related to healthcare costs, laws, government guidelines, and expectations for reasonable sales growth. These outcomes had been additionally just like our results from previous two years (begin to see the chart).

In summary, we are able to observe that work activity stays constrained by some of the factors mentioned previously. But given that most recent Southeastern ideas, reports, employing should modestly increase. The most recent information from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which indicated that web monthly payroll development when it comes to district averaged 30, 200 for 2013 (up a little from 26, 200 a month in 2012), strongly help our summary.

By Shalini Patel, a financial plan analysis expert in Atlanta Fed’s study department

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  • The Federal Reserve System (also known as the Federal Reserve, and informally as the Fed) is the central banking system of the United States. It was created on December 23, 1913 with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, largely in response to a series of financial panics, particularly a severe panic in 1907. Over time, the roles and...
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is responsible for the sixth district, which covers the states of Alabama, Florida, and Georgia, 74 counties in the eastern two-thirds of Tennessee, 38 parishes of southern Louisiana, and 43 counties of southern Mississippi. The Sixth District operates branches in Atlanta, Birmingham, Jacksonville, Miami...
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Jacksonville Branch Office is one of the five Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta branch offices. The Jacksonville branch is part of the 6th District.
    The Jacksonville Branch currently conducts tours by appointment. Admission is free.
    The following people are on the board of directors as of 2012:
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