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Biltmore Estate Store

Conservation and environmental stewardship were of the utmost importance to George Vanderbilt and carry on being important on his estate these days. Our vineyards tend to be lined with grass line middles to stop erosion and hold earth out of our pond and creeks. We make use of organic fungicides, such as for example sulfur and copper, whenever possible and irrigate our vines with water from nearby longer Valley Lake. To help reduce waste, we reuse all developing products, therefore we recycle our cardboard, plastic, glass, report, and metal.

Our Winery is operated simply by a six-acre, 1.2-megawatt solar power system. Grape byproducts like stems and must are used for mulching and compost, and retired drums tend to be cut in half and reused as planters over the estate and repurposed into cork recycling drums wine racks to produce our wines at retailers.

Cork forests are a renewable, regenerating item which make all-natural corks many sustainable wine closing available. The cork forests are threatened because of the influx of alternative wine closures including screw limits and artificial corks. Cork woodlands have actually a big good ecological impact, therefore maintaining them renewable is very important to us.

Our lover in recycling is Cork ReHarvest with Cork Forest Conservation Alliance. These are typically a non-profit organization invested in training the whole world regarding significance of utilizing and recycling natural corks. Learn how they recycle cork at their site.

Go ahead and drop yours down at any of the following areas:

  • Gate home present store, found at Biltmore’s entrance*
  • Biltmore Winery
  • All Biltmore Estate restaurants
  • Grove Arcade in Asheville
  • World Market shops in New York

*No property entry needed.

You could mail utilized corks to:
Biltmore Estate Wine Company

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