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Biltmore Park stores

Biltmore Park in Asheville is a metropolitan town filled up with stores, restaurants, entertainment venues and condos. You will find national chain stores (like REI & Barnes & Noble), restaurants (like P.F. Chang), an upscale YMCA, and a 15-theatre movie plex and a swanky Hilton resort.

Located on the south side of Asheville, Biltmore Park could be the sight of Jack Cecil, grandson of George Vanderbilt, the builder of the Biltmore Estate. This location had been George Vanderbilt family members' previous milk land.

Humming with life, this vibrant town center is a new re-imagining of this Main Streets of the past, meant to satisfy today’s criteria of smart growth, green lifestyle and reduced driving. Throughout every season, enjoy shows in Park, a free of charge summer concert series that takes place every Saturday evening, a holiday lighting, farmer's market, fundraisers, alongside interesting activities.

A quick stroll connects you to interesting stores, lively restaurants, cafés and collecting spots, spas and wellness clubs, in addition to a variety of dynamic organizations and employers. National stores will remain alongside with one-of-a-kind shops having an original Asheville style.

As Asheville's first thick mixed-use community, Biltmore Park Town Square’s 42 acres offer an artful blend of entertainment destinations, domiciles and top work place. Unique structure, mountain views and numerous green areas celebrate Asheville’s creative record and tough natural beauty, while large pathways, nature trails and welcoming benches encourage that keep your car or truck behind — and walk, mingle and explore.

The 750-acre community functions condos, city domiciles, deluxe domiciles, crafts and arts design domiciles and residence websites.

Biltmore Park Town Square had been selected to take part in the LEED-ND Program, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Neighborhood Development), a pilot system that studies just how improvements decrease sprawl, encourage healthy living, protect environmental surroundings, and minimize reliance upon vehicles.

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Biltmore Park in Asheville North Carolina
Biltmore Park in Asheville North Carolina Biltmore House, Asheville, North Carolina,Textured Glass Cutting Board.
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