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Charlotte NC Shopping Mall

Charlotte NC Shopping Mall

A long-standing dispute sparked a shooting at a crowded new york retail complex on Christmas Eve, police said. An off-duty officer fatally shot a guy whom pointed a gun in the path. Authorities said no one else had been shot, and there were hardly any other reports of accidents. The incident occurred about 2 p.m. Thursday. The shooting wasn t an arbitrary…

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The highest paid job for nurse is the work of a nurse in transport. It needs years of experience to get this job. Nurse in transport should be able not only to provide first aid, but also be well versed in intensive care, have some experience of work in the ambulance, accompanying seriously ill patients during their transportation to medical institutions. The training to become a nurse usually takes 1-2 years (at technical schools or special training centres) and mandatory continuing education for nurses every 2 years as in general.