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Neodymium magnet: an important thing in almost any field

Every person at least once heard of such a thing as a neodymium magnet. Moreover, not everyone fully understands what it is and why it is needed and what is the true value of these magnets.

A neodymium magnet is a magnet created on the basis of alloys of iron, neodymium and boron. They are indicated by combinations of letters NIB, Neo, as well as NdFeB. Their main feature is that they have a super-powerful magnetic structure based on the crystalline one. A neodymium magnet appeared not so long ago. For the first time it was received only in 1982 in the USA with the help of Japanese scientists.

Today, the field of application of neodymium magnets is so wide that it would be much easier to list the areas where they cannot be found exactly. Such magnets can be found in the vast majority of electrical engineering, children's toys, household accessories, various complex devices, cars and much more. In farming, neodymium magnets help remove metal debris from the ground, in cars they clean oil, and in medicine, neodymium magnets are used in the vast majority of modern equipment. You can also have custom neodymium magnets for your own purposes.

The first and most important advantage of a neodymium magnet is that the field of magnetism created is much greater in power than the field that creates an ordinary magnet. In addition, NIBs are very durable. The rate of natural demagnetization is only 1-2% per year. Finally, the relatively low cost of production of this product allows it to be used almost everywhere.

Neodymium magnets are produced in two ways. First, iron, boron and neodymium are brought into a powder state, after which all the ingredients are mixed and placed in a special thermal furnace, where the powder is melted at a temperature of about 1200 C° and pressed.

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